Panopera Welcomes Members of the Pioneer Valley Ballet for 2018 Production of "The Marriage of

Panopera's mission from its inception has been focused on expanding and adding to a rich and diverse arts community in Western Massachusetts. We have deep admiration for the work and artistry of the many long-established theater companies, ensembles, orchestras and dance companies which add so much to the culture of the Pioneer Valley and surrounding areas.

This is precisely why we are beyond thrilled to announce that members of the Pioneer Valley Ballet will be joining us for our January production of Mozart's, The Marriage of Figaro.

Dance plays a crucial role in the unfolding of the story. During the time Figaro was originally in rehearsal, Emperor Joseph II had banned ballet in the court theater. However, a Fandango in the third act of the opera serves as a way for the Count and Susanna to exchange a secret note. The librettist (Lorenzo Da Ponte) claims in his memoirs that he refused to leave out the scene, so the opera director (Count Orsini-Rosenberg) tore out the pages containing the music for the dance and burned them. Da Ponte invited the Emperor to attended a dress rehearsal, where he saw the dance being performed without music. The Emperor immediately ordered that music be restored, and Figaro premiered with the dances included.

We are delighted that members of the Pioneer Valley Ballet will help us present this iconic opera with all of its richness intact.

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